Principal's Desk

Chhamaria Anchalik College opened its portals on 12th August, 1994, aiming to impart quality and value based education in greater Chhamaria area. The relentless effort of a handful philanthropists of this community harmonious area visualised their dream in 1994 at Chhamaria a high school at its inception. There were only 48 students at the begining and couple of teachers on the staff. There are at present five hundred students, with 26 nos competent faculties. This increase in numbers has changed the character of the college from small well knif educational institute, it has now gradually a large educational institution. This poses many challanges. There is a need to evolve relevent methods of imparting instruction and inculcating discipline.

The college has a large campus with several building under construction. With the development of better infrastructural facilities, it should be possible to offer more opportunities for the all round development of the students.

It is under such circumstances, the college is preparing itself to carry forward various vocational and job oriented course for better excellency into the new millennium.

The dedication of the staff and the earnestness of the students propel us to commit ourselves to live up college motto “ðñ÷ÉîÄ ðîÂÃà ðÃûþñÃõ÷” as we have entered the new millennium.

Thank you.
P.K. Dev Nath